Disney inspired Shooting Stars

Disney inspired Shooting Stars by England Football has been designed to support girls aged 5-11 develop their speaking and listening skills through creative play and storytelling, as well as support the development of their physical literacy and introduce them to football.
Using the inspiration of Disney stories which are engaging, memorable and familiar to the girls participating, girls get ‘lost in play’, work harder and have increased heart rates. The stories inspire girls to get active and engage in sport with their friends. All activities are age-appropriate and designed to provide girls with a positive introduction to sport.
Disney inspired Shooting Stars is made up of two initiatives; Active Play Through Story Telling and Girls’ Football Clubs.” To the following: “Disney inspired Shooting Stars is made up of three initiatives; Active Play Through Story Telling, Girls’ Football Clubs and SEND extra-curricular clubs.
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Values and Criteria

Active Play Through Storytelling

Save the world from the Screenslaver and go on an adventure to the enchanted forests with Elsa, girls’ aged 5- 8 will be immersed in the magic of Disney whilst developing their fundamental movement skills, physical literacy, speaking and listening, confidence and competence.

Values and Criteria

Girls’ Football Club

Whether rescuing Groot the Root or flying across New York as Captain Marvel, girls will be inspired to get active and engage with their friends whilst learning how to play football. Through the activities girls will develop their problem solving, decision making, leadership and confidence.

Values and Criteria

SEND Disney Inspired Shooting Stars

Disney inspired Shooting Stars SEND resource has been designed in collaboration with the Youth Sport Trust Lead Inclusion School network.

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