The fa girls’ football school partnerships supported by barclays

What are they?

The FA Girls’ Football School Partnerships (GFSP) supported by Barclays, is a nationwide scheme that aims to mainstream football in schools for girls. The initiative will create a network of 100 school hubs, each with a dedicated education expert overseeing the delivery of girls’ football programmes to a combined total of over 6,000 primary and secondary schools. The 100 school hubs have been selected based on their knowledge and understanding of education and girls’ football; they are best placed to deliver and co-ordinate girls football activity for schools across their local area. Over the next 3 years, the Barclays investment will give girls the best chance to experience football in their PE or Games lessons at school – giving them the same opportunity that most boys currently have.

In simple terms:

We have created a network of girls’ football champions that will help give girls the chance to play football in their PE or Games lessons at school.

Key Information:

What does mainstreaming football in schools for girls really mean?
This means it will become standard for girls to play football during PE and games lessons at school.

What is a GFSP hub?
A champion school that leads on all girls’ football in the local area, co-ordinating across a primary and secondary school family. They are part of a pre-existing network of schools with a history of collaborating and working together.

How many schools are in a GFSP hub area?
This ranges from 30-125 schools.

How were the GFSP hubs selected?
Schools had to apply direct to the Youth Sport Trust (FA school delivery partner). Schools are selected if they meet all the criteria and are approved by the County Football Association (CFA).

What are the criteria?
This ranges from pledging a commitment to establishing football as curriculum sport for girls, to establishing a local steering group of Headteachers and Heads of PE.

Who leads the work of a GFSP?
Each of the 100 GFSP hubs has a dedicated education expert for this programme, known as a GFSP Strategic Lead. Strategic Leads are employed by the school, so fully embedded in to every day school life. The investment from Barclays pays for their release, so they have dedicated time to focus on girls’ football.

What will the GFSP Strategic Leads do?
The Strategic Lead will explain the benefits of providing football for girls to Headteachers and Heads of PE, such as the positive impact it can have on their confidence and well-being. They will provide support and advice on what football programmes will best suit girls in particular schools.

Interested in finding out more?

To find out where your nearest FA Girls’ Football School Partnership is, click here:

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